Are You A Woman Struggling With Aspects of Your Self That Are Causing Painful and Unbearable Patterns In Your Life? There's STILL Hope!

Women: Discover How You Can Take Back Control of Your Life and Live it on YOUR Terms Through The Quantum Experience!

November 15th 2014 at 1:00PM

The Holistic Light House
401-B Vernon Street, Roseville [map]

* Discover how your sub-conscious mind may be keeping you stuck and how you can loosen it's grip on you

* Become PRO-Active instead of RE-Active and take back control of your life

* Gain the upper hand in almost any situation or circumstance by using a simple secret Samurai technique

* Activate the one daily habit that determines your future success

* Learn how to use Ancient Mysticism combined with Quantum Physics to more easily manage every day stresses

Ruben James

Founder of The Quantum Experience

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All Healer’s Need a Healer!

I have been in the world of healing for about 9 years and had been stuck with a part of my “subconscious” that would not allow me to move forward with my business and related aspects of my life. Even though I have worked with other healers, this “issue” was so deeply ingrained, I could not get to the root of it. I had been at battle with myself for a solid year! Even though I have very powerful tools that I use, I had been in an impasse.

Using his unique gift, Ruben was able to take me into the aspects of my sub-personality that had been so deeply defended and buried. With strong and loving guidance, Ruben was able to create a safe place for me to connect with these aspects of my buried sub personality. It has been a very rare person that I have worked with that has such genuine gentleness and grace. Because of my own gifts, and with Ruben’s truly “life shifting” work, I am now able to move forward and forgive myself and others for the blocks I had created.

Regardless of what tools, gifts or modalities you use, or may have used, I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of working with Ruben James. In my experience, few people work so deeply from a heart based space. His work is unique and lovingly powerful.

Shawna O'Meara
Licensed Certificate of Science ThetaHealing®
Master Teacher and Practitioner

    Hosted by: Shawna O’Meara